photo of Rogan Roams in the Namib Desert

Born from a love of the African wilderness, Roaming Media was founded with a goal of showcasing the phenomenal travel destinations and wildlife that our planet has to offer.

Adventuring through nature wouldn't be possible without the efforts of countless people and organisations who raise awareness for our precious animals and ecosystems and put their lives on the line to protect them. We offer our clients an opportunity to support an NGO of their choice by adding a sponsored shoot to their order, for a fractional cost.

This helps us to spread our skills where they are needed, and gives these organisations the content they need to raise awareness for their endeavours.

We also create wildlife content in an attempt to bridge the divide of access to our worlds natural heritage.

In South Africa, a large portion of the population does not get to experience the fascinating and diverse wilderness that the country has to offer. It's socio-political history has facilitated a disconnection which creates misunderstanding. How can we protect something that we don't love? How can we love something we don't understand?

A multi-faceted approach is needed to combat this growing division, but educational media forms an important and powerful arm of the solution.

photo of Roaming Media with the Nkombe Rhino and Sun Destinations teams at a dehorning
photo of Rogan visiting a Baobab in Pafuri with guide, Bongs

"Our ultimate goal is to be able to explore the wilderness areas of our planet, while aiding the organisations who strive to protect them, and to share what we see and learn with our online audience; facilitating a space of education, understanding, excitement and respect for our natural world."

- Rogan Kerr, Founder -

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