Oops! We’re a little late… but it’s never a bad time to celebrate the thing that makes this planet truly magical: it’s diversity of animal and plant species ♥️

Where would we be without all the intricate workings of our global system. Every part has its place – to upset the balance is to the detriment of the planet as whole. That includes us humans.

In line with this years Biodiversity Day theme, we need to be a part of the solutions to protect our natural habitats, eradicate excessive waste and take Planet Earth into a new era of conservation and interconnectivity. So how do we make changes in our own lives?

• Spend time to reconnect with nature and share the importance of biodiversity and our natural world with the next generations.
• Try to shop locally, seasonally, organic & of course plastic free!
• Create a space for wildlife in our own gardens.
• Try a plant-based diet or at least consume less meat & fish. When you do, make sure it’s ethically and sustainably sourced!
• Cut out harmful chemicals in our homes and opt for more natural products.
• Look at different energy sources and alternatives transport methods. Walk or cycle if you can!
• Support organisations or research projects which ensure the preservation of nature.
• Reduce your waste and reliance on single use plastics.
• Reduce, Recycle, Reuse & Up-Cycle!
• Act locally / volunteer with organisations which help to restore natural ecosystems and help wildlife in your region.
• Encourage schools to teach the importance of biodiversity and climate change!

We all have the potential to make change! Let’s be a part of the solution!

Biodiversity Day 2021: We are part of the Solution