We love to be where the WILD THINGS are.

Wildlife is a primary draw for international and local tourists. Tourism is one of Africa’s biggest contributing factors to the conservation of wilderness areas.

These are our RESPONSIBILITY to protect, but we can't protect that which we don't understand. Roaming Media strives to facilitate understanding with high-quality wildlife imagery and videos. We want to share the importance of guarding our essential, natural heritage by fostering a communal appreciation for wild spaces.

Wildlife Conservation is as much about people as it is about animals: educating and inspiring people to look for tangible solutions to environmental issues; raising awareness to social projects that empower people and minimise the likelihood of human/wildlife conflicts; provide support and draw public attention to the people and organisations on the ground trying to make a difference.

Roaming Media aims to fulfil these roles. Visit our Mission page to find out more about our NGO/NPO support project.

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